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Tarjetero Alpaca Sweater
$71.99 $46.99
Black Alpaca Sweater with Zipper and Hood - Andean
Hand Woven Alpaca Sweater - Black
$78.99 $62.99
Island Sweater - Brown and White
Tarjetero Alpaca Sweater - Dark Tones
Thick Women Alpaca Sweater - Gray and White
$58.99 $29.50
Blue Stripe Alpaca Sweater - Fire
$63.99 $46.99
Hand Knit Sweater
$89.99 $71.99
Soft Alpaca Sweater - San Ignacio de Loyola
$68.99 $49.99
Gray Cardigan Alpaca Hooded
Gray Alpaca Sweater - Andean Cross
$69.99 $48.50
Andean Decoration Sweater
$68.99 $36.50
Sweater with Zipper and Hood - Pink
$54.99 $39.99
Light Gray Alpaca Cardigan
$64.99 $42.50
Black Hooded Sweater with Fringes
$59.99 $47.99
Dark Gray Alpaca Sweater - Andean Cross
$69.99 $44.99
Gray Alpaca Jacket- Zig Zag
$71.54 $52.99
Zippered Turtleneck Sweater
$62.49 $49.99
Gray Melange Alpaca Sweater with Pockets
Dark Gray Melange Alpaca Cardigan - Rainbow
Island Sweater - Brown and White
$79.99 $63.99
Alpaca Dark Grey Sweater - Chaco
$62.99 $44.50
Leaves Sweater - Unisex
$57.99 $29.50
Island Sweater - Brown and White
$63.99 $47.99
Multicolored sweater - Tierra
Hand Woven Brown Alpaca Sweater for Men
$75.99 $58.99
V Neck Solid Color Sweater
$55.19 $37.99
Black Alpaca Sweater - Andean Cross
$78.29 $57.99
Black Alpaca Sweater
$68.89 $52.99
Striped Sweater with Hood
$58.99 $28.50
Hand Woven Ladies Brown Alpaca Sweater
Gray Soft Alpaca Sweater - Patagonia
Turtleneck Sweater - Gray Tones
Gray Kangaroo Melange Sweater
Hand Woven Alpaca Sweater - Charcoal
Hooded sweater with brown details
Mustard Sweater
$54.99 $39.99
Alpaca Light Brown Sweater - Córdoba
Olive Soft Alpaca Sweater - Trevelin
Blue and White Alpaca Sweater with Zipper
"Rainbow Sweater "Fringes""
Blue and Gray Warm Alpaca Sweater - Urubamba
Hand Knit Sweater
$61.99 $44.99
Island Sweater - Blue
$81.99 $62.99
Gray Melange Cardigan with Zipper
Red alpaca sweater - Stockholm
Sweater with Zipper and Hood - Brown
Classic Alpaca Sweater
Elf Sweater
$71.99 $54.99
Hand Woven Alpaca Sweater - Gray
White Long Cardigan with Andean Design
Blue Alpaca Sweater with Andean design
Gray Sweater - Llamas
Alpaca Blue and brown tones Sweater - Corrientes
Alpaca Light Brown Sweater - Nahua
Hooded Melange Sweater - Beige
Tarjetero Alpaca Sweater - Brown
Black, Gray and White Steps Sweater
Alpaca Light Grey Sweater - Salta
$71.99 $54.99
Cream sweater
   2  3  4  5   

Alpaca Sweater Alpaca Sweaters Collection sweaters combine the softness and warmth of alpaca with both traditional and trendy designs. Our alpaca sweaters are manufactured by a mixture of small shops and artisans and then pass our strict quality controls. Our efforts to help these artisans obtain markets for their products have earned our company numerous awards from social and international development organizations.

This year’s collection includes alpaca sweaters with brilliant colors and new designs. Our women’s offering includes classical designs, crewnecks, v-necks, turtlenecks, hoodies and andean sweaters. Our men’s alpaca sweaters range from elegant to casual in a full range of colors.

We offer kid’s alpaca sweaters both a sets (hats and mittens) and as single items. Their designs are colorful and fun.

All our alpaca sweaters are manufactured using top quality alpaca wool. This wool is considered a luxury fiber with unique properties. It is five times warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Its quality surpasses that of the Kashmir. The fiber comes in over 22 natural colors and an infinite series of colors that can be produced by mixing these fibers. Another property of the alpaca wool is its capacity to absorb humidity, maintaining the apparel shape and quality unchanged. Alpaca wool is lanolin free, which makes it hypoallergenic.
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