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Brown Alpaca Poncho - Llama Figures Gamboa
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Brown Alpaca Poncho - Llama Figures

$99.99 $65.99 Item: #AALPO020

Material: 100% Alpaca Woolbr>
Color: Light brown

Length: 60cm (23.40")
Width: 83cm (32.37")

Note: There might be some variations in color and details of descriptions, since this item is hand-crafted"

INFORMATION "This brown alpaca poncho is hand made by Bolivian artisans. It presents stripes decorated with llama and condor designs. This warm garment is casual and perfect for any outdoor activity during cold winter seasons. Wearing this poncho will for sure add a touch of elegance to your style.
Key Features

Really Beat the Cold

As warm -- and more comfortable-- than a sweater. You will notice how the Alpaca wool heats up in the sunlight making you feel even warmer. Our Gamboa Ponchos are seriously warm yet roomy.

Soft to the Touch

So soft you won’t believe it. Alpaca wool is extremely soft. It is softer than any other alternative wool. The fabric quality and the way we knit our products make them unique.

Light and Combfortable

Perfect warmth to weight ratio. Really warm without bulk. It is very light and cozy. Also incredibly comfortable to wear, their open sides make the difference with any other kind of clothing.

Anywhere Anytime

Use it everywhere: to stay warm at home, to work comfortably in the office, for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Even as a blanket. So stylish and functional that it works out backpacking and also with skinny jeans and cute boots.

Material & Quality

Alpaca wool is considered a luxury fiber with unique properties. It is five times warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Its quality surpasses that of cashmere.

Another property of alpaca wool is its capacity to absorb humidity. Alpaca ponchos maintain their shape and quality for years.

Gamboa values the traditions that have brought these garments to us. Our artisans have inherited knitting skills which allow them to weave genuine yet modern and stylish apparel.

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