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Alpaca Poncho for Men Hooded Gamboa
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Alpaca Poncho for Men Hooded

$96.75 Item: #ALRBB093

Description:Hooded rustic poncho with brown and white stripes.

INFORMATION Material: Alpaca Wool

Color: Brown

Length: 180 cm (70.86")
Width: 112 cm (44.09")
It refers to the total measurements of the poncho when it is fully open (like a blanket)

Note: Since this product is is handmade, it may present slight variations from the pictures.

Color-Matching Hood

It will not only cover your head and keep you warm, but will also stand out with its beautiful color combination.

Unique Patterns

Beautiful Brown color poncho, designed by our finest Artisans from Peru.

Stylish Finish

The poncho is finished with a beautiful set of fringes that give it a unique and remarkable style.

Material & Quality

Alpaca wool is considered a luxury fiber with unique properties. It is five times warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Its quality surpasses that of cashmere.

Another property of alpaca wool is its capacity to absorb humidity. Alpaca ponchos maintain their shape and quality for years.

Gamboa values the traditions that have brought these garments to us. Our artisans have inherited knitting skills which allow them to weave genuine yet modern and stylish apparel.


Make sure that your product is completely dry before putting it away. Fold it carefully avoiding wrinkles.

In some climates moths could cause a problem. If this is your case, place your alpaca products in plastic bags with small scented bags. DO NOT use mothballs.

Hand Wash

The best way to keep your alpaca product intact is to hand wash it. To keep it from shrinking you must avoid hot water and wringing.

Wash your product with cold water and use a mild soap or shampoo; fill up a basin with cold to slightly warm water (85º F). Add a small quantity of baby shampoo and wash it without rubbing strongly.

If you wish to maintain its color and quality avoid washing machines and the use of bleach.


To avoid your alpaca product from loosing its shape, press slightly to remove the water. Never wring. Do not use a drying machine. Dry flat, reshaping the product and keeping it from direct sunlight.


It is best to not iron any alpaca product unless necessary. In that case, to avoid direct contact with the iron, place a towel in between to protect the wool.

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