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Alpaca Socks for Men

It is a difficult task to purchase the socks from a wide range of collection. There are a lot of attractive colors and styles that compel the customers to purchase the item at once. However, it is important to think about the time of year, your location, weather condition and type of work before purchasing the socks. The alpaca socks for men are particularly designed for all weather conditions. It has great attributes that make it favorable to wear.

First of all, alpaca socks for men have quality to show resistance against water and sweat. It has been proved through research that man’s feet sweat almost 25 gallons in a year. Each sock is liable to absorb 6 gallons water. Can you imagine how irritable it will be wearing wet socks for a full working day? The skins get soft due to wetness which is a source of irritation and smell. Our alpaca socks are made with high quality wool that can absorb the moist and keeps the feet dry. Normal socks have lanolin which causes allergy.

Alpaca is an amazing material which is hollow but gives warmth. It is luxurious and soft in use. It is a strong and durable product which can support you while jogging, walking, playing or doing your routine tasks. Our alpaca socks for men can be used in summer as well as winter season. In a cold and frosty day, it keeps your feet warm and comfy. In summer season, it absorbs the perspiration and keeps the feet dry. It increases the working capability by protecting the skin from irritation and itching. If your fingers are highly sensitive, check our finger socks as well.  Visit our online store and check the latest variety. We have the decent colors for men like the charcoal, black, brown beige and gray color.

Thick Black Alpaca Socks
Thick Brown Alpaca Socks
Striped Alpaca Socks
$9.99 - $18.75
Red Alpaca Socks