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Deco & Gifts

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Alpaca Black Rug (Single Size)
White Alpaca Rug (Single Size)
Vicuña Color Alpaca Rug (Sinlge Size)
Black and Brown Alpaca Rug
Travelling blanket - gray
Sheep Wool Llama
Living room blanket - burgundy shades
White Rectangular Shaped Rug
Round Shaped Rug
Alpaca Pillow Case - dark brown
Sheep wool Bedspread - beige
Alpaca Black Bedspread (Single Size)
Vicuña Color Alpaca Bedspread (Sinlge Size)
Sun Rug
Sheep wool Bedspread - Andan birds
Alpaca Teddy Bear
Alpaca pillow case - vicuña color
Alpaca Teaddy Bear
Alpaca Pillow Case - light brown
White Vicuña
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